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Thread: ANN: matrix library update

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Michael Rabatsc...

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ANN: matrix library update
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  Posted: Apr 23, 2018 11:10 PM
Hey guys!

Since the last update including the AVX and FMA support I detected a problem with my
code and stack handling.
The problem is the x64 ABI and some differences in Freepascal and Delphi. For lazyness I
assumed that I may use the stack below rsp/esp as free since I only implemented leaf
procedures so what the heck... While browsing through the MSDN I detected that this
memory may be overwritten by OS or Debuggers (though I had never problems...).
Actually I also followed a hint on Andy's IDE Fixpack FastDCC page that he also uses memory
behind esp below to optimize virtual method calls via interfaces.

So.. anyway I wanted to play nice and updated the code to safely handle the rsp/esp handling.

just donwload the latest version from


kind regards
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