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Thread: Double performance hit in VM's due to Spectre/Meltdown patches?

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Arthur Hoornweg

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Registered: 6/2/98
Double performance hit in VM's due to Spectre/Meltdown patches?
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  Posted: Jan 15, 2018 3:04 AM
Hello all,

I'm not sure which forum would be appropriate for this question. I develop on a notebook (Haswell Core i7) using Delphi inside a VMWare Workstation VM and I'm worried about the potential performance- and stability impacts of the latest Intel and Microsoft patches against the Spectre/Meltdown security flaws.

Does anyone know if installing these patches would introduce a double performance hit on virtual machines? Since the patches would have to be installed in both the host and client operating systems, it would make sense to me that the combined effect of these patches would mean a double performance hit. Apart from that, VMWARE has also released updated versions of its products that address this issue which may or may not impact performance as well.

I'm just worried that the combined effect of all these patches might make my VM's dreadfully slow so I deferred the installation until I know more.
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