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Thread: ANN: sgcWebSockets 4.1.2

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Sergio Gomez

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Registered: 5/14/12
ANN: sgcWebSockets 4.1.2
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  Posted: Oct 2, 2017 1:11 PM
sgcWebSockets is a complete package providing access to HTML5 WebSockets API (WebSocket is a web technology providing for bi-directional, full-duplex communications channels, over a single Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) socket) allowing to create WebSocket Servers, Intraweb WebSocket Clients, HTML5Builder clients or WebSocket clients in VCL, Lazarus and Firemonkey Applications.

What's new 4.1.2

- Improved WAMP 2.0 protocol
- Some bugs and fixes


- Fully functional multithreaded WebSocket server according to RFC 6455.
- Supports Firemonkey (Windows and MacOS).
- Supports NEXTGEN iOS and Android Compiler.
- Supports Linux compiler.
- Supports Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari (including iPhone and iPad) and Internet Explorer 10+.
- Supports C# .NET through sgcWebSockets.dll
- Supports WinHTTP Framework (websocket client for windows 8.1+).
- Supports CBuilder.
- Multiple Threads Support.
- Load Balancer Server.
- Supports Binary and Text Messages.
- Server component providing WebSocket and HTTP connections through the same port.
- Supports Message Compression, supported by Server and Client Components (compatible with Chrome and Safari too).
- Built-in WatchDog and Heartbeat features available.
- Proxy Server Component that translates WebSocket protocol to normal socket, allowing a browser to connect to any application/server.
- Flash FallBack support for browsers without native websocket implementation.
- Client WebSocket supports connections through Socket.IO Servers.
- Client WebSocket supports connections through HTTP Proxy Servers.
- Events Available: OnConnect, OnDisconnect, OnMessage, OnError, OnHandshake, OnException...
- Built-in sub-protocols: opensource like: JSON-RPC 2.0, Binary Files, MQTT, WebRTC and WAMP (1.0 and 2.0).
- Built-in Javascript libraries to support browser clients.
- Easy to setup.
- Javascript Events for a full control.
- Async Events using Ajax.
- SSL/TLS Support for Server and Client Components.

Online Demos (Web Browser compatibility: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 10+):

Chat Demo:
Protocol Demo:
KendoUI Grid:
Real Time Monitor:
Real Time Tickets:
Real Time Quotes:
Snapshots Demo:
WAMP Protocol:
WebRTC Protocol: (only chrome)
Server-Sent Events:

Trial Version:

Compiled Demos:

More Info:

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