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Thread: Practical application of idTCPServer on web server

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Ser Dorogov

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Registered: 6/23/14
Practical application of idTCPServer on web server
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  Posted: Jul 23, 2017 4:48 AM
Hello. I want to create a signal server for my project which will act as a TCP server on the Web. It should manage the requests from the mobile applications (which will be made with FMX of course).
Prior I have created several projects (made with Indy compopents), which run servers in the local network, on the personal computer of a user.

So my question, is it possible in practice to create an application with TIdTCPServer which will act as a server on the Internet, on dedicated server? It should be able to serve hundreds of thousands of client applications.
All the information I could find on the Internet comes down to explaining simple client-server applications. Of course, such examples are far from practical application, especially on the Internet.
Could you tell me which technology is better for my purpose? And where to find information on this topic?

Thanks in advance.
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