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Thread: Array inspector for RAD2007

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Alex Belo

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Array inspector for RAD2007
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  Posted: Feb 10, 2017 6:26 AM
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Installation: Component->Install packages->Add.

See Readme for more information.

It was my first (and last most likely) opus for IDE. It has some design
deficiencies and marks of my learning and experiments but I use it for
many years as-is on everyday basis and I'm quite happy. :-)

All problems with evaluation are problems in debugger's evaluator.
Beware of watches like v[0] (where v is std::vector): such watches
hangs up IDE after second evaluation (who knows why)...

Note also that "big watches" (which returns too much data) will slow
down IDE on breakpoins (as usual).

Note that "Count" can be expression too but sometimes evaluator fails
so in some cases you need additional var in code to see results

std::vector<int> v;
int n=v.size();
<breakpoint here>

In inspector:

Y-expression: v._Myfirst
Count: v.size() (or n in case if v.size() doesn't work).

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