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Thread: Fast Reports 5 - Create n Master Data bands?

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steven chesser

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Registered: 4/13/09
Fast Reports 5 - Create n Master Data bands?
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  Posted: Jan 22, 2017 10:12 AM
I have the latest paid for FR 5 for VCL ..

Is there anyway in the FR3 file to create multiple masterbands?

Using the PascalScript engine side of things.

I can have a string of delimited data passed as a variable to the report.... GUIDS in this case.

So for example 5 of them.

So in this case, I want to create 5 master bands. Each band represents a stored procedure call / Query ... "Call MyProc(GUIDString)"

I can have 5... 1 ... 45... whatever the number is depending on that variable that got passed.

I have zero access of the the database design. I get what I get. So I have no way to redesign that side any better.

I looked in the examples, and tried to scour the online help documents and search but didn't find anything on this.

I was hoping I could design a materdata band, then do some trickery to reuse it over and over X times, each time reusing the same ADO Query Object which
just has the SQL text changed to do get the needed data for each time its ran.

Using Berlin update 2 and latest Fast reports version as of today.

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