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Thread: Nested TClientDataSet example using dbExpress/IB

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Brent Rose

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Registered: 9/23/00
Nested TClientDataSet example using dbExpress/IB
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  Posted: Jan 9, 2017 3:31 PM
Attachment CDS (58.8 KB)
Simple example of caching master/detail data with nested datasets.

a) Connects to standard Delphi EMPLOYEE.GDB sample db (needs IB
installed) using dbExpress components (TSQLConnection, TSQLQuery).

b) Edit TSQLConnection.Params to point to the particular location of the
db in your system. eg

localhost:D:\Embarcadero\Common Files\CodeGear Shared\Data\employee.gdb

c) Opens a master/detail structure using TDataSetProvider and
TClientDataSet with a nested dataset (TDataSetField).

d) applies cached updates with manual transaction control example
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