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Thread: Why so many different Embarcadero forums?

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Bill Florac

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Why so many different Embarcadero forums?
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  Posted: Nov 29, 2016 11:45 PM
OK, we have the following Embarcadero web sites:

forums.embarcadero.com. --- Seems to the most active but there does not seem to be any link to it from Embarcadero.

edn.embarcadero.com --- Seems to be dead. Has link to community.embarcadero.com

community.embarcadero.com/forum --- newer but very little activity
community.embarcadero.com/answers --- also newer, little activity. Not sure different between "Answers" and "Forum".

qc.embarcadero.com --- Seems to be dead
quality.embarcadero.com -- Seems to be newer and active

So where are we to go for help and support?
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