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Thread: StatusBar disappears on maximized window (WIN10, C++ 10.1 Berlin)

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Harry Kloppert

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Registered: 12/15/08
StatusBar disappears on maximized window (WIN10, C++ 10.1 Berlin)  
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  Posted: Oct 6, 2016 11:04 AM
If VCL-Styles other than "Windows" is activated the StatusBar disappears when the window gets maximized.
Seems dependent on Project-Option-Application-Manifest-File: "Auto Generate" or "(None)". In case of "Auto-Generate" there are options for "Enable Runtime Themes" and "Enable High-DPI".
None of all the combinations will generate a colored Statusbar on a maximized Window.
I can get Color on the StausBar with "(None)" or with "Auto-Generate + Enable-High-DPI" or "Auto-Generate alone".
But in those cases the Statusbar disappears with window maximized.

How can I get both: Color and visible StaturBar?


Edited by: Harry Kloppert on Oct 10, 2016 8:06 AM

After playing with all combinations I found a one which generates color on the StatusBar and keeps it visible even after maximizing the window and with VCL-Styles other than Windows:
- Project-Option-Application-Manifest-File = (None)
- StatusBar: StyleElements-se-Font = true, seClient = false, seBorder = true
- Window-Form (maximized): StyleElements-se-Font = true, seClient = true, seBorder = false
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