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Thread: Calling difference between 2010 and 10.1

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Stephen Terrell

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Registered: 8/6/07
Calling difference between 2010 and 10.1
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  Posted: Jul 11, 2016 1:13 AM
Attachment fail.jpg (97.8 KB)
Attachment success.jpg (97.2 KB)
Debug screen dumps relating to calling difference question

Success is the Builder 2010 dump. Last error has not been written to (no error) so is essentially a random number.
The Overlap structure appears to have been setup.

Fail is the 10.1 dump last error is 87 (wrong number of bytes!!!).

The most obvious difference appears to be the Overlap structures in hClock0 in PciPioBoard and in Overlap in PciPio0PortA. They look as if they have not been setup in the 10.1 fail version but look more sensible in the 2010 version.


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