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Thread: Application FMX MacOsX High CPU

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Elio Parisi

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Registered: 2/21/05
Application FMX MacOsX High CPU
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  Posted: May 23, 2016 8:18 AM
Hi all,
I have made an application with FMX and Embarcadero Seattle. In the Main Window there are 7 clickable icon.

Every icon have a TBitmapAnimation with trigger IsMouseOver that change the icon when mouse is over.
Every icon have a Mouse Enter and Mouse Leave event that change a Label in the Panel that contained the icons.
Every icon have a click event that change the main page with a series of TFloatAnimation.

All the Icons are in a Panel that is contained in TLayer3D (that is contained in TViewport3D).
I compiled with success on Windows(7) and on Mac(Yosemite) but there are different behaviour:

- In Windows all are Ok; The response is very fast and both animation (TBitmap and TFloat) are fast;
- In MacOSX (Yosemite) the behaviuor is very slow and it is due to the mouse move. The TBitmap animation is very slow (about
3, 4 seconds to change the icon) and the change of the icon is responsible of an cpu increment from 1% to 60%; the TFloatAnimation hang if, after the click on the
icons, I continue to move mouse on the window.
- In MacOSX (El Capitain) the behaviour is a bit faster than the Yosemite. The TBitmap animation is taking 1, 2 seconds to
change the icon but the cpu increment is again from 1% to 60% of cpu (the same on Yosemite); the TFloatAnimation have the same behaviour than on Yosemite.

Is there any hints to the mouse move event to reach the same performance of Windows, in compiling and/or linking phase?

Best regards,
Elio Parisi.
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