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Thread: Printing FMX TForm

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midou sidou

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Printing FMX TForm
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  Posted: May 10, 2016 10:54 AM

I would like to know how to print the contents of a TForm (TLabel, TEdit, TStringGrid, etc.).

I found this code to print an image:
void __fastcall TMyForm::PrintButtonClick(TObject *Sender)
TRectF SrcRect, DestRect;
TPrinter *Printer = Printer;

Printer->ActivePrinter->SelectDPI(1200, 1200);

Printer->Canvas->Fill->Color = claBlack;
Printer->Canvas->Fill->Kind = TBrushKind(1);


SrcRect = Image1->LocalRect;
DestRect = TRectF(0, 0, Printer->PageWidth, Printer->PageHeight);

Printer->Canvas->DrawBitmap(Image1->Bitmap, SrcRect, DestRect, 1);


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