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Thread: IB XE7 - a couple of problems

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Martyn Ayers

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IB XE7 - a couple of problems  
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  Posted: Feb 10, 2016 4:06 AM
Last week, I set up a new database with a single, simple table to experiment with IB subscriptions.

Not knowing that IBX had been updated to support them, I rolled my own Delphi IBX code to retrieve subscription updates regarding the table, triggered by receipt of a POST_EVENT notification and that worked fine.

Yesterday I decided to look into the "Maximum user count exceeded" error I've been getting recently on the (local) IB server and found a 2011 post from QuinnW recommending to back up and restore the database. I did that via IBConsole and the subscription updates immediately stopped working (i.e. the SELECT returned zero rows), though the POST_EVENTs carried on arriving.

I tried dropping and re-creating the subscription, and re-subscribing to it, made some changes to the table via a Delphi app, but the subscription data returned was still empty.

I happened to have a file-system back-up of the .GDB so I reinstated that. Presto! The subscription works again.

So, what gives?

Quinn's post that I saw said he'd loved to see a database which had the "maximum user count exceeded" problem. That was a while ago, but the two versions of my GDB, with and without working subscriptions only amount to 2Mb and only have about 20 rows of data, so I could easily send them somewhere for analysis. The source of my subscription-monitoring Delphi app is only 245 lines, so I could easily include that, too.

Any takers?

Cheers, Martyn

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