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Thread: ANN: RiverSoftAVG SVG Component Library Evaluation Version

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Thomas Grubb

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Registered: 2/27/01
ANN: RiverSoftAVG SVG Component Library Evaluation Version
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  Posted: Feb 7, 2016 3:37 PM
We are happy to announce that for the first time we are offering an evaluation version of the RiverSoftAVG SVG Component Library (RSCL).

The evaluation version supports both FMX and VCL, and has the following restrictions:

- The TRSSVGPanel control cannot generate controls at design-time
- For VCL (Win32/64) and FMX (Win 32) Only
- When Delphi is not running, applications compiled with the library will display a nag screen

The evaluation version is available from our Downloads page ( Of course, compiled demo applications are still available from the SVG page (, and we encourage you to try your SVGs with them before ordering to ensure the RSCL supports them.

The RSCL is on sale for 30% off until the release of v2.0.

About the RiverSoftAVG SVG Component Library v2.0

We are excited to announce that the RiverSoftAVG SVG Component Library v2.0 Release Candidate has been released! The beta and sale for RSCL v2.0 are in their final days. The RSCL Early Experience Program (EEP) is available to all registered owners of the RSCL who have purchased the upgrade or have bought the RSCL after November 1st. In preparation for the forthcoming v2.0 release of the RSCL, we are offering the current full version for 30% off or 10% off for upgrading! Check out the great features coming in v2.0:
- Load, Edit and Save SVGs as SVG (XML)
- Load, Edit, and Save SVGs as Delphi Binary (Faster but Larger Files)
- Use SVG Image Lists (TRSSVGImageList, VCL & FMX XE8+) to save memory and disk space for your applications especially on mobile
- Vastly Improved Text Support including text on a path, tspan, text layout, spacing, kerning, and more
- Detect and respond to mouse events with TRSSVGImage
- Embed SVGs as binary into Delphi form files as part of TRSSVGDocument
- For XE4-10 Seattle (XE2 and XE3 support has been dropped)

The RSCL v2.0 is truly a major upgrade. Check out the RSCL version history for more information about the over 100 new features and numerous bug fixes.

To order, go to
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