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Thread: Re: Welcome to the new server.

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John Kaster

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Registered: 9/22/99
Re: Welcome to the new server.
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  Posted: Aug 24, 2015 10:19 AM
David Clegg wrote:

Thank you for your extraordinary patience during this long migration

Looks like you'll need a bit more patience: there's an issue where
pages never complete loading for logged-in users, but only after an
indeterminate amount of time or hits. The cause needs to be found.

If you're not logged in, it continues to load fine. Ironically, this
would be fine for most web sites, but not one users post content.

Still more work to do, but for me it will have to wait until my regular
day at WideOrbit is done. Sorry.

Follow-ups go to the forum.

John Kaster
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