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Thread: Correct way to write to TBinaryField with simple data array?

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Mike Knoblock

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Registered: 11/5/06
Correct way to write to TBinaryField with simple data array?  
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  Posted: Feb 20, 2015 10:05 AM
Using TADOQuery, etc with c++ Builder under RAD Studio XE7.

I'm doing database record read/writes to an SQL database with a binary(32) column. I've used TBlobField successfully on larger data images, but this is a fixed 32-byte data map. This code works:

Byte data[32];   // data to write
TField *fp;
TBinaryField *bfp;
   fp = (TAdoQuery *)Q->FieldByName("map");
   bfp = dynamic_cast<TBinaryField *>(fp);

Although it works, the compiler is complaining about 'Accessing deprecated entity '_fastcall TField::SetData(void *,bool)' . The help for TField and TBinaryField is a little sketchy, with no examples. I can't find a method to write the data to this field using a simple Byte array (like data[]) - it calls for TByteDynArray.

Going down the TByteDynArray path is not helping - I can't seem to find any documentation about this object for CPPB in help or online...

I dont mind the 'deprecated entity' warning as long as the code works, but it does nag me. Anyone ?


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