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Thread: Problems migrating a CGI Interbase application from Windows XP to Windows 7

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Enquiring Mind

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Problems migrating a CGI Interbase application from Windows XP to Windows 7  
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  Posted: Oct 6, 2014 7:15 AM

I am trying to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7 a Delphi 7 CGI application based on the TWebModule component. The TWebModule component contains a TSQLConnection component. This is set up to refer to an Interbase database file located at:

“localhost:C:\Users\Public\Web sites\WebsiteSM\Data\StMarcia_Database01.fdb”

In Windows 7 the Delphi 7 and Interbase software is installed in:

“C:\User AnOther\Program Files (x86)\Borland”.

I think I have set up the correct path to the database file in the Params property of the SQLConnection component.

Now when I try to set the ‘Connected’ property to True in the Object Inspector I obtain this error message:

“operating system directive CreateFile failed
unknown Win32 error 1224”

I get a similar error message when I run the program.

Now I am logged in as User AnOther and the Public folder where the database file is located has permissions set up for all users.
Since the Interbase driver software is set up in a folder owner by User AnOther I would have thought that it should be permitted to create files within that folder without restriction. I would also have thought that there should be no restriction against the driver accessing the actual database file.
Can anyone suggest what the cause of the problem might be and how it might be fixed?

Another question is this. When I call the dynamic webpage from within Internet Explorer a small console window flashes up on the screen very briefly. Similarly when stepping through the code in the debugger a console window flashes up on stepping through the very first statement in the project file, Application.Initialise. Why should this happen if the application is set up as a CGI application? Shouldn’t all program output be redirected to the web server IIS rather than a physical console window?

TIA for any tips.


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