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Thread: DBXpress and SQLite deployment

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Mats karlsson

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Registered: 11/8/99
DBXpress and SQLite deployment
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  Posted: Aug 21, 2014 9:11 PM
I am creating an application that are using a sqlite database and
DBExpress, TSQLConnection, etc.. All works fine in the IDE, and I can
see data from the DB at designtime. Great!

Now, I want to deploy the application, and the SQLite db file with it.

But I can't figure out, and I have not found examples on how to setup
the db connection 'outside' the IDE.

The db connection parameters seem to be hardcoded and compiled into the
application, and so the application exits before even getting into the
main forms constructor (because it cannot open the DB), giving me a
chance to setup db parameters. How to get around that? Are there any
'standard' steps for this?

I am planning on distributing the DB file to the users documents folder,
and so I need to set the path to the DB file, e.g.
"UsersDocFOlder/theDB.db", BEFORE connecting to the DB.

Any pointers on how this is supposed to work? Any Examples?

I guess one should setup a system with a 'development' connection, and
one 'live' connection somehow??

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