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Thread: D7 + DBX + TDataSetFields

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Martyn Ayers

Posts: 73
Registered: 10/7/99
D7 + DBX + TDataSetFields
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  Posted: Jul 14, 2014 7:10 AM
I have a project containing a conventional master-detail pair of
queries, originally TAdoQueries connected to an AdoConnection, a
DataSetProvider connected to the master, a master CDS which gets its
data from the DataSetProvider and a detail CDS which gets its data
from a DataSetField in the master CDS.

This set-up works fine with AdoQueries, but with SqlQueries used
instead (nothing else changed apart from
AdoConnection->SqlConnection), when I attempt to open the master CDS I
get the error "Field qDetail" not found when the master CDS attempts
to do its BindFields.

Fwiw, the server involved is an MS Sql Server 2000 one.

Can anyone suggest what the cause might be?

Fwiw, in an unrelated project which uses multiple result sets from a
stored proc, calling NextRecordSet to get the second one works fine
using Ado components whereas calling NextRecordSet on a SqlStoredProc
returns a dataset with corrupted data in the 3rd and subsequent
columns, which makes me wonder whether DBX in the D7 era wasn't a
shade buggy.

Cheers & TIA
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