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Thread: Can an installed component be copied from one RAD Studio XE5 to another?

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Bo Berglund

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Registered: 10/23/02
Can an installed component be copied from one RAD Studio XE5 to another?
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  Posted: Mar 22, 2018 11:38 PM
I have an old (about 7 years) Win7 X64 laptop with RAD Studio XE5 Pro
installed and I am now trying to prepare for an inevitable laptop
switch by making a virtual computer (VMWare Workstation 12 PRO) for
continued development.
I have installed XE5 on this in the usual way and also added the
components we use. But in that process I have failed miserably in
getting a VTK graphics package recognized by the IDE.
I can open the cproj file and build and install the component and I get
a success message but still the palette is empty of this and when I
load the project using the VTK rendering component I get a number of
messages like this:

"Class TvtkBorlandRenderWindow not found, ignore error and continue?..."

So even though the installation seemingly succeeded the component does
not appear on the component palette and the IDE cannot load the project.

Roundabout 2015 I managed to update a suite of applications using VTK
from RAD 2007 to XE5 and in that process I also succeeded in installing
VTK from sources. But it was a long and painful process and I have now
lost my detailed notes on how I went about it. OTOH I do have all of
the sources and also all of the binaries that were created during the

Now I wonder if there is some way I can extract the files that are used
on my working system and plug them into the new system, both are the
same version of RAD Studio XE5.

The VTK installation was a two-step process where the first was to
build the library files (22 lib files totalling 80 Mbytes) and this is
the really hard to do thing. Then one installs it into the IDE by
opening the package file and build/install. And this works without
errors now, yet the component seems to be mysteriously missing.

I have tried to add the BPL directory to the search path but it does
not help. So I guess there is something wrong with the process.

Hence my question if it is possible to take the needed files from my
existing working installation and copy them to the new installation and
somehow "register" them with XE5? If so, where should I look for the
files and how do I register them with the new XE5.
Note: VTK is a C++ project if that matters.


Bo Berglund
Sweden & Texas
now using XanaNews 1.20-0cfde51
GPG public key:
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