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Thread: [FMX] TListview Dynamic Appearance ItemAppearance.ItemEdit

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José Eduardo R....

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[FMX] TListview Dynamic Appearance ItemAppearance.ItemEdit
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  Posted: Mar 8, 2018 3:17 AM
Set the listview ItemAppearance and ItemEditAppearance to DynamicAppearance
Create a simple PrototypeSource and put two strings Part1 and Part2

Change the name of text item to aPart1, and on itemEdit to aPart2
I want to bind the first string to default text on ItemAppearance (aPart1), and the second string to ItemEditAppearance default text (aPart2)

Livebindings Designer doesnt show aPart2 as a bindable member,

Also, i put a textbutton on ItemEdit to perform some calculation, and it simple does not appear at runtime...

And... yes, Visible := True and also tried to create manually on OnUpdateObjects without success.

What i´m doing wrong?

Delphi 10.2
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