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Thread: Android geture pan right and left

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madammar ellias

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Registered: 8/17/17
Android geture pan right and left  
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  Posted: Jan 15, 2018 1:42 PM
i am trying to do a sliding panel with finger move using gesture

here is what i did

procedure TForm3.Panel1Gesture(Sender: TObject;
  const EventInfo: TGestureEventInfo; var Handled: Boolean);
if (EventInfo.GestureID = igiPan) then
Handled := True;
panel1.Position.x := max(170, EventInfo.Location.X);

and in gesture property i have set the stranded Left/Right property and the interactive gesture is set to pan

when i move my finger to right the gesture position moved to my finger postion but it pass the max value so its disappear from the screen

and when i move to left the position of the panel never set to 0 .

also when i move my finger up the gesture moved even if i set the standard left and right .

my goal were to swipe the panel with a finger move in the screen with maximum position to right and swipe it back to zero when moving left .

how can i do that properly ?
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