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Thread: Update table in a join with TFDQuery

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al nickels

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Update table in a join with TFDQuery  
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  Posted: Jan 11, 2018 11:06 AM
I have a TFDQuery that contains a SQL statement with a join to several database tables. I have set the update table property to the name of the table that I wish to update. Other fields in the SQL are selected to display information and the id data is to be stored in my table identified with the update table property. This is a datasnap application. When I applyupdates I get an error message indicating that a field from one of the joined tables is attempting to update the table that I assigned as the updatetable. The field / column does not exist in my update table. I was hoping that specifying the update table would stop other fields from attepmting to update anywhere. Is there a way to resolve this or do I need to use a TFDUpDateSQL component.
I added FDUpdateSQL component, but I continued to get the error message until I changed the provider flags exclude from the update and the where clause. The update was probably sufficient to stop the error. My question isn't the FDUpdateSQL component supposed to be useful in eliminating certain fields from being updated also?

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