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Thread: Tchart and Progressbar don't paint while a iTask is running , why ?

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Jose Silva

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Tchart and Progressbar don't paint while a iTask is running , why ?  
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  Posted: Oct 17, 2017 11:39 AM
My Tchart doesn't draw points while a iTask is running in paralel , why ?
I'm using Delphi Tokyo 10.2 updt 1 with Tchart V2016.17.160129 32bits VCL. I have two forms : in FormA I call a stored procedure to update a database table and this StoreProc is inside an iTask. After call this iTask I open FormB which has a Tchart and a progress bar that are initiated in a OnShow event.

The first action in FormB is coded in FormB.onShow event is to draw chart axis with certain values already available and update a Progressbar with a message in a TEdit field 'Preparing Processing .

The problem is : although FormB shows up as soon as it is called, the Progressbar and the Tchart are not being updated in the screen ! It takes a while until they are updated and the Progressbar only advances a small part and then frozel ! What is going on here ?

Is there any resctiction between VCL components and iTasks ? Which kind of restriction or pre-requisites are those ?

I appreciate your attention on this .

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