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Thread: Tutorial on building an app with Alcinoe components

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Mauricio Lima

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Registered: 4/25/17
Tutorial on building an app with Alcinoe components
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  Posted: Sep 10, 2017 7:14 PM
I downloaded and installed the Alcinoe double buffered components and I was very impressed with the smoothness of the demo app (ALFmxControls), now I'm sure I can ever develop under Delphi and made fast and fluid apps, although I'm stuck on trying to build and run a simple TALImage. I tried to make everything like the demo app: same directories, same Delphi Compiler paths, same file search paths, I copied the 'embarcadero' folder to the project source folder, I made a working Post Build Event with all correct paths, made the resource folder and put its content on the deploy with the correct path and added the alcinoe.jar to the project. The project build and make the post build event with no errors, but when running the app closes right after trying to load the png file from deploy.

Although if I let the TALImage.ResourceName blank, the app runs normally. (I tried with and without the .png o the filename).

So I was thinking, these components are so amazing, they made Delphi able to develop apps like no other tool can do best, why doesn't someone that had already successfully create, build and run a project with the Alcinoe components made a tutorial of how to do this?
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