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Thread: Delphi SOAP Server definition for repeating elements

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Graeme Chandler

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Delphi SOAP Server definition for repeating elements  
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  Posted: May 8, 2017 1:01 PM
In XE10 Berlin I'm writing a SOAP server and need to support an XML structure in which certain elements are repeated. In the example below, the <part>...</part> tags may be repeated an unknown number of times. I'm having no luck coming up with class structures that would support this. I've had a lot of experience writing SOAP/WebServices over the years, but usually they've been very straightforward and I could dictate the structure. Any suggestions (other than changing the data structure) would be appreciated.



      <getPriceInformation >
         <schemaRef refSchema="scoreDMSgeneric" version="04.00.06"/>
            <quantity units="Pieces" unitsInDisplayFormat="Pieces" valueInDisplayFormat="1">1</quantity>
            <quantity units="Pieces" unitsInDisplayFormat="Pieces" valueInDisplayFormat="1">1</quantity>

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