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Thread: JCL issue with expression evaluator

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Markus Humm

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JCL issue with expression evaluator
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  Posted: Mar 16, 2017 12:12 PM

I'm migrating a program of mine from XE8 to Delphi 10.1 Berlin Update 2.
I'm using the expression evaluator of the JEDI JCL to calculate some
formulas on the fly.

I had written a small wrapper around it which registers some math
functions so they're accessible by the evaluator.

These functions use the extended ty<pe as parameter and return types.
Unfortunatelly this code doesn't compile in D10.1. It looks like I
installed a newer JCL version where they changed something.

The compiler error I get is about not knowing some types.
When looking at the JCL source I see, that these types are wrapped in
IFDEF SUPPORTS_EXTENDED blocks. When further digging I find,
where it looks like this define is defined for my Delphi version/CPU
(I'm writing a 32 Bit application). But that file is not
included in the expression evaluator unit (ExprEval.pas).

I already asked in the JCL group on the Jedi server, but traffic there
isn't too high...

=> anybody any idea how it is supposed to work? Of course I can add
{$I JEDI.INC} into ExprEval.pas, but is this really how it's intended to

I also deinstalled and reinstalled JCL checking that using extended was
actually selected in the installer.


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