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Thread: About Delphi and C++ and real-time OSs

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Amine Moulay Ra...

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About Delphi and C++ and real-time OSs
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  Posted: Mar 15, 2017 4:45 PM

I am an experienced programmer in parallel programming and in synchronization algorithms, i have invented many synchronization algorithms, this is why i am finding real-time systems programming
easy, i am actually programming for QNX real-time OS that is very good and for On Time RTOS-32 that is also good.

Here is QNX:

And here is On Time RTOS-32

I love them both, and i am porting also my softwares from Delphi(Object Pascal) to C++ using Delphi Dynamic Link Libraries also, since Delphi compilers don't reorder loads and stores even with compiler optimization, and this is less error prone than C++ that follows a relaxed memory model when compiled with optimization, i am getting smarter doing this job, i have not choosen VxWorks real-time OS because VxWorks is expensive , and i have found QNX real-time OS much better in many ways, please stay tuned i am actually finishing porting some of my softwares to those real-time OSs, and to be able to know much about me, please look at the source code of my C++ and Delphi MemPool for real-time systems to see how it is more efficient and correct, and i have tested them and stabilized them more using also a memory leak detector, here they are:


Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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