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Thread: ProjectGroup debugging

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Ver Zweif

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Registered: 9/12/13
ProjectGroup debugging
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  Posted: Mar 14, 2017 3:48 PM
I have a C++ ProjectGroup containing 2 parts. The 1st one is a console application, the 2nd is a static lib. The static library is used as a dependency for the application (Project->Dependecies...). When using breakpoints in the library's code there is no any information about the inner structure of classes, just HEX-address. Full debug info in 'Local Variables' window is available only through the app code.

application project files are located at: app\Win32\Debug
library project files are located at: app\lib\Win32\Debug

Debug info could be available in case I copy all the obj-files from app\lib\Win32\Debug to app\Win32\Debug

What is the correct way to debug library's code? (Embarcadero XE2)
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