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Thread: ANN: MemPool for real-time systems was updated to version 1.01

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ANN: MemPool for real-time systems was updated to version 1.01
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  Posted: Mar 14, 2017 7:47 AM

Delphi and FreePascal MemPool for real-time systems was updated to version 1.01


Real-Time Memory Management

In Delphi and FreePascal, memory management is normally performed using getmem,allocmem, freemem, reallocmem, etc. The run-time system's heap offers great flexibility and efficiency, but it cannot fulfil real-time requirements. The run-time requirements are non-deterministic. In addition, they may require blocking task switches, which makes them unusable for interrupt handlers.

MemPool using generics offers memory management with real-time capabilities through Memory Pools. A Memory Pool is an isolated heap with data buffers as objects of equal size. Any number of memory pools can exist simultaneously. A pool is initialized once and allocated a certain number of buffers as objects. Thereafter, buffers as objects can be allocated and deallocated from the pool under real-time conditions.

How to use it?

The parameters of the constructor are:

The first parameter is the number of items and the second parameter is a boolean parameter that will tell
MemPool to grow or not, if it is set to true it will grow,
set it to false for real-time systems, if you don't pass any parameter, the number of items will be set to 200 and the MemPool will not grow and thus it will be set for real-time systems.

The New() method returns a reference to the object.

The Return() method returns the reference to the object to the stack.

Please look at the test.pas example to learn how to use MemPool.

You can use it with Delphi 2 and up on the following RTOS:

Win32 API Compatible RTOS for 32/64-bit x86 Embedded Systems
On Time's royalty-free hard real-time embedded operating system for 32/64-bit x86 CPUs implements a Windows subset kernel in only 16k of memory. It provides about 400 Win32 API functions and can load Windows DLLs.

Read more here:



Language: FPC Pascal v2.2.0+ / Delphi 2+:


You can download it from:


Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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Edited by: Amine Moulay Ramdane on Mar 14, 2017 11:28 AM

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