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Thread: No communication between RAD Studio Berlin and Android emulator

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Stefan Koschke

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Registered: 9/6/16
No communication between RAD Studio Berlin and Android emulator
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  Posted: Jan 29, 2017 10:03 PM
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becaues i don't have an Android device to test my app with Android 6 i created an android emulator with Android 6 and start it.
The emulator works fine, i can access internet and so on.

Now i try to run my app in the device (select device and press F9), the project
- compile
- pack
- sign
- install......

but after the message "installing xxxxx.apk ..." nothing else, after 30 minutes i cancel this....
(In Windows taskmanager i see Embarcadero RAD Studio uses 0% processor)

I found following problems:
Before starting a emulator i can see my AVD's in IDE whith a icon "Handy with cross", after starting a emulator i see my AVD's and in addition a icon "Handy without cross and a cryptic devicename"...

This additional device also appears in IDE devices list.

Whats wrong?

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