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Thread: Runtime error 217 - One cause and solution

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Gerald Clancy

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Registered: 1/4/02
Runtime error 217 - One cause and solution
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  Posted: Jan 24, 2017 6:24 PM
I use IW14 with XE2. Today, however, I was working on a non-IW VCL program when I accidentally dropped an TIWLabel on my form instead of an TLabel. I got an immediate design-time error that you can't use IW components with VCL forms. I couldn't find the TIWLabel on the form so I deleted the code reference to it in the Type section. I then rebuilt the app and at runtime got a not found for IW_FAVICON.

This told me that it was an IW problem and likely related to the label.I deleted all the IW units in the Uses section that had been triggered by dropping the incorrect label on the form. But, they kept coming back. Then I started to get the dreaded Runtime error 217 message every time I tried to execute the app.

I thought about this and decided to take a look at the .dfm module for the form, and sure enough, the TIWLabel was still there. Deleting the object from the .dfm file did the trick. No more IW units in Uses and no more runtime error.

So, beware if you accidentally drop an IW component on a non-IW app. I can cause havoc.
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