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Thread: LiveBinding A BiDirectional Link From A TFDMemTable To A TMemo And A TImage

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Eli M

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LiveBinding A BiDirectional Link From A TFDMemTable To A TMemo And A TImage  
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  Posted: Jan 2, 2017 9:25 PM
Shouldn't I be able to bind a TMemo and a TImage to a TFDMemTable and it just automatically work like it does with a TEdit or am I just doing it wrong?

I finally did figure out how to bind a TMemo control but it requires manually creating a TBindLink and entering a bunch of properties to do so when it should just let me drag the TMemo Text property to the TFDMemTable field.

Found out about the TBindLink solution here:

Finally, if you want to actually make changes in code to say Memo1.Lines.Text you need to manually call this afterward:

Same goes for TImage. It seems like the default LiveBindings TImage support is mainly one way. You can display an image out of the TFDMemTable but it isn't really BiDirectional by default. Is there an easy way to make the TImage LiveBindings BiDirectional?

Lastly, I wanted to do something simple like LiveBinding a TRectangle.Visible property to a TButton.IsPressed property. They are both booleans. Shouldn't this just one click work yet does not?

Are these easier to do than they appear? If not I'm going to submit a feature request to:
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