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Thread: Retrieve the selected value from a listbox

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Frederico Carva...

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Retrieve the selected value from a listbox  
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  Posted: Dec 29, 2016 9:38 AM
Hi guys,
Could someone help me with a question?

In a FireMonkey Form Mobile I have a ListBox. To start the component I use LiveBinding Designer and the table has the following fields:

I usually use the event OnItemClick and Item.Text, but, How I can find the "id"?

I saw one example for delphi, but how can i do the same with c++ builder?

The delphi example that i found is:
function GetSelectedValue(AObject: TObject): TValue;
LEditor: IBindListEditorCommon;
LEditor := GetBindEditor(AObject, IBindListEditorCommon) as IBindListEditorCommon;
Result := LEditor.SelectedValue
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