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Thread: $(BDSLIB)\win32c\debug path missing - why?

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Garry Lancaster

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Registered: 3/22/10
$(BDSLIB)\win32c\debug path missing - why?  
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  Posted: Dec 2, 2016 7:24 AM
Note the 'c' after the win32.

Hoping someone who understands this better can shed some light...

On Berlin 10.1 Update 2, for a 32 bit Windows debug build, I clear the Project->Options...->C++ Compiler->'Use 'classic' Borland compiler' checkbox, so I can use the 32 bit Clang compiler. But, by default, my library path does NOT contain $(BDSLIB)\win32c\debug. Presumably this directory, and the files in it, are there for a reason, but it seems to me they are never used unless you manually modify your settings.

There are two places I have looked for this path:

1. Tools->Options...->C++ Options->Paths and Directories->Compiler->Library Path. This just contains release directory paths.

2. Project->Options...->C++ (Shared Options)->Library path. For 32 bit Windows debug builds (regardless of state of the 'Use 'classic' Borland compiler' checkbox), there is a $(BDSLIB)\win32\debug directory (without the 'c' after the win32). But no $(BDSLIB)\win32c\debug directory.

As I understand it, the win32c directories contain files for the Clang compiler. The win32 directories contain 'classic' compiler files, or files that work the same on the 'classic' or Clang compiler.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I just don't understand the IDE well enough.
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