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Thread: Grid w/ LiveBindings Problem

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Tallys Ferrante

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Registered: 5/29/11
Grid w/ LiveBindings Problem
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  Posted: Nov 7, 2016 7:16 AM
Hello i have a grid linked with a Query via LiveBindings and a TEdit to search records in query. I noticed a strange behavior when searching:

I'm using the Employee database on this example:

if i type 'G' on my TEdit my grid shows 3 records, including the name Guckenheimer, Mark.

If i input the 'U' then the grid shows only 'Guckenheimer, Mark', however only appears 'Guckenheimer, Ma'. the two last letters disappears, and if i click on the cell, then it shows properly.

I'm using Delphi Seattle.

I do not know if I could express myself properly, so I will put a link to the images.

Link 1 - 3 Records, including Guckenheimer, Mark

Link 2 - Guckernheimer, Mar

Link 3 - On select cell, the name appears correctly

And the project:
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