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Thread: ANN: RAD & Installer - NSIS and Inno Setup installers in RAD Studio

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Alzbeta Slapkova

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Registered: 7/1/15
ANN: RAD & Installer - NSIS and Inno Setup installers in RAD Studio
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  Posted: Oct 4, 2016 6:03 AM

We have updated our tool RAD & Installer to version Changes:

[*] New feature Code Insight Parameter Hints for NSIS commands and Inno Setup functions and procedures (also build in ones!)
[*] Increased font size in Navigation Bars for better readibility
[*] Improved parsing hints for multiple variables on the same line
[*] Custom drawn Code Insight Code Completion List with images, different font styles, descriptions and enhanced information (also for built-in Inno Setup Pascal items and NSIS commands) for NSIS and Inno Setup
[*] Added classes into Code Insight Code Completion list (from Inno Setup Support Classes Reference)
[*] Added parameters into Code Insight Code Completion list for functions and procedures from Inno Setup Support Functions
[*] Code Insight Code Hints now work for any class variable (from Support Classes Reference)
[*] Fixed parsing symbols, identifiers, removed possible Out of Range Exceptions
[*] Dynamic comments tooltips for Inno Setup's Procedures, Functions and Variables and NSIS' Functions, Macros and Variables
[*] Bettered parsing current cursor element (word - or entered characters at cursor position)
[*] United NSIS commands structure and parameter hints (with latest NSIS version and with Visual & Installer).

Visit official website and get FREE Trial version or purchase full license.

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