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Thread: iOS SDK versions

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Jako Grobler

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Registered: 6/26/15
iOS SDK versions
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  Posted: Apr 25, 2016 10:10 AM
The RAD Wiki simply states that RAD Studio does not support iOS SDK versions prior to 8.0.


1) What risk is there in keeping my XCode up to date, and always using the latest iOS SDK (currently the 9.3 SDK)?
2) Is there a list of recommended iOS SDK versions for each Delphi version (XE8, Seattle, Berlin)?

The reason for the questions is that since linking to iOS SDK 9.3 we are having reports of our app freezing on iOS 8.1 devices. We simply made a new build with an older SDK 8.4 and that seems to have solved the issue. This does not make sense to me since the SDK is just supposed to be function headers, constants, structure definitions, etc. and should be backward compatible (unless you link against newer functions).
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