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Thread: Is is possible: Label1.TextSettings.FontColor := INVERSE-COLOR-EFFECT

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Free Dorfman

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Is is possible: Label1.TextSettings.FontColor := INVERSE-COLOR-EFFECT  
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  Posted: Apr 18, 2016 4:39 PM
Is there a way, in my
where I currently have,
  Lbl.TextSettings.FontColor := C_COLOR_5;
  Lbl.Text := //it's a big, debug-time-only, filled with CRLFs, string

---Btn: TcsPuzzleBtn, TcsBtn, TRectangle, TShape,...
--Lbl: TLabel (Owner & Parent set in TcsPuzzle.Btn.Create (to Self))
--C_COLOR_5 = TAlphaColorRec.DarkBlue

So. All is well.

Now I want to change the font "brush" to be "transparent" (opposite-ing the color, pixel by pixel as the Text is drawn).

Hmmm... I need to get at the Brush that the Font is being drawn in... Hmmm...


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