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Thread: TLB generation and TOLEControls

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Brian Ford

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TLB generation and TOLEControls  
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  Posted: Apr 11, 2016 9:04 AM
We are upgrading from Delphi 2007 to Delphi Seattle. We have some projects that are COM servers and generate a project.tlb and project_TLB.Pas file which we use inside of other Delphi projects to access those COM controls.

In delphi 2007 the TLB pas file that was generated included the component wrapper classes e.g. TMyComponent = class(TOLEControl) and this was included in the TLB pas file. We include this pas file inside our other projects, so anytime we add methods to the COM interface the TLB pas file would be updated and the other projects had instant access to those new methods.

Under Delphi 10 Seattle, when adding the methods to the RIDL, the TLB pas file that is generated from the RIDL does not include the TOLEControl wrapper classes for the components. The only way I can see that we can get these wrapper classes generated is to use the Import Component option in the IDE and choose the Generate Wrapper Classes checkbox. This creates a new TLB pas file which we can include in the projects that need to use the COM control. This is a tedious process each time we add a new method to the RIDL. Is there any way that we can have this work like in Delphi 2007 where the RIDL automatically creates the .PAS file with the TOLEControl classes already in it?

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