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Thread: ADOTable Exception when Deleting Record

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Robert Kondner

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Registered: 11/15/01
ADOTable Exception when Deleting Record  
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  Posted: Apr 10, 2016 1:50 PM

Delphi XE7 on Win64 Machine building VCL Win32 app.

I have an app that uses ADOTables. (I know but I started with Turbo Database Toolbox long ago.) and I search for a record using a primary key, if found I deleted it. I am getting an exception about being at EOF or BOF or the Record is already deleted.

My Code --> If MyTable.Locate,('LNKID', MyID,[]) then MyTable.Delete;

The record is really there. After doing the Locate I can read valid data from various fields. But when I delete I get the exception.

I debugged down to: ( DoRecordsetDelete procedure in Data.Win.ADODB)

{ When CacheSize > 1, Recordset allows fetching of deleted records. Calling MovePrevious seems to work around it }

if (DataSet.CacheSize > 1) and (PRecInfo(DataSet.ActiveBuffer).RecordNumber <> 1) then
DataSet.Recordset.MoveNext; <-- Exception

First I move my cursor location to server, no help.

I then moved the CacheSize to 1 for the tables having problems, FIXED.

It does seem to me that bouncing around with the "Moves" in the solution does not make sense as my record set has only a single record.

Can anyone shed light as to what appears to be a patch and perhaps it is not always correct?

Bob K.
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