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Thread: PostgreSQL vs Firebird SQL

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ioan ghip

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PostgreSQL vs Firebird SQL
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  Posted: Feb 9, 2016 10:33 AM
I have a Firebird SQL database running on one of my servers which has about 50k inserts, about 100k updates and about 30k deletes every day. There are about 4 million records in 24 tables. I have a bunch of stored procedures, triggers, events and views that I'm using.
Firebird works fairly well, but from time to time the database gets corrupted and I couldn't figure out yet (after many years of running) what's the reason. When this happens I run "gfix -mend -full -ignore", backup and restore the db and everything is fine until next problem in a week, or a month.

I never used PostgreSQL. Yesterday I installed it on my development machine and after few tests I saw that it's fairly easy to use with Delphi.

Does anyone have experience with both, Firebird and PostgreSQL? Is PostgreSQL way better performing than Firebird? Is it worth the effort moving away from Firebird? Would I gain stability and increased performance?


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