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Thread: How to declare create new TCloudTableRow for azure

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anang ganjar

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Registered: 11/21/04
How to declare create new TCloudTableRow for azure  
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  Posted: Jan 2, 2016 5:42 AM
need little help ,
i have succes make azure blob, Queue base on delphi sample, but when make table for insert row i have trouble only 1 line

i declare variable
TCloudTableRow* Entity;

for usage:
Entity = new TCloudTableRow();
Entity->SetColumn("RowKey","banana" + Count);
Entity->SetColumn("SomeOtherColumn", "any value " + Count);
Entity->SetColumn("DataTypeTest", Count + ".0", "Edm.Double");
if (TableService->InsertEntity(TableName, Entity))
ShowMessage("Row " + Count + " created succesfully");
ShowMessage("Error trying to create row " + Count);

but give me error on this line
Entity = new TCloudTableRow();

Could not find a match for 'TCloudTableRow::TCloudTableRow()'

i try with
Entity = new TCloudTableRow(this);

Entity = new TCloudTableRow(null);

it run but can't store to azure, suspect not correct on declare create TCloudTableRow

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