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Thread: Ann: TeeBI beta 5 released, full sources included

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David Berneda

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Ann: TeeBI beta 5 released, full sources included
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  Posted: Nov 30, 2015 12:32 PM

A new update for TeeBI, beta 5 including full source code has been released !

TeeBI is a component library API and end-user tools for data-mining, visualization and machine-learning. For #Delphi and #.NET

Starting Guide:

Release notes for beta 5:

Encryption mechanism using TurboPack LockBox (optional).
Summary “Having” filter property (same as SQL).
Microsoft Excel exporting using TMS Flexcel (optional).
Support for remote TDataSelect queries in BIWeb http server.
Multiple expressions are now allowed for SortBy data ordering.
TBIGrid Colorize properties to fill cell backgrounds based on values.
Helper method to convert select and summary queries to SQL language.
Delphi unit generator emits Pascal code from any TDataItem or database.
FreePascal v3.0 initial support for TeeBI core units.
Design-time IDE top menu “TeeBI” to access the “Data Manager”, etc.
Updated documentation and examples with new features.
Bug fixing and speed optimizations, specially for big Summary queries

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