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Thread: Weird TListView bug in XE7 - phantom double-click

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Mike Shkolnik

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Weird TListView bug in XE7 - phantom double-click  
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  Posted: Jul 14, 2015 8:57 PM
I am compiling for Windows and Android. I have a TListView that when clicked is generating a second phantom click in Windows, but working just fine in Android. Both 32 and 64 bit Windows targets have the problem (I am on Windows 7 64 bit).

Program runs and TListView is populated. So far so good. Let's say it has 5 selections (indexed 0 through 4). I click on selection 3, it runs ListViewItemClick twice in Windows, once in Android. Even weirder, it runs ListViewItemClick with the correct selection the first time and the selection below it the second time! Thus it clicks 3 and then 2 in my example. Unless I click on selection 0 - then there is no second click. I added:

Memo1.Lines.Add('ViewItemClick called.');

To the top of the procedure and it really is calling it twice from one click. I did the same to EVERY function and procedure and nothing is running when it shouldn't. Also, I am not running multiple click routines - just the one ListViewItemClick.

Questions: Why oh why am I getting a phantom second click on a tlistview in Windows (and not Android) and how do I stop it?
In lieu of figuring this out, is there a way to clear the "click queue" as part of the ListViewItemClick procedure to prevent that second click?

I am running XE7 Firemonkey Version 21.0.17707.5020 with the Lollipop fix.
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