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Thread: Files & Connect

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Eugene Nosko

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Files & Connect
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  Posted: Jul 8, 2015 6:02 AM
Hello Friends,

I would like introduce the system our company have been developing for quite some time. The project is 100% Object Pascal with FMX (XE6) as a front-end. Please allow me to explain the purpose of the project, then its products and then into more details.

The idea of the Venux products suite is to provide privacy and anonymity in convenient way to everyday users as well as for businesses. To achieve that, we build a completely peer-to-peer system of inner-connected applications that form a network we call AVPN (Autonomous Virtual Private Network).

1. Venux Files is a universal Files Management system that is designed, well, to manage files regardless of where they are. You have complete access to your local system, all operations such as copy/paste, move, delete, encrypt/decrypt and are available and applied to Remote Services as well as to something we call "Devices". You can add Remote Services such as FTP, WebDAV, SSH, EDI, SFTP, Amazon A3, Google Drive,, Microsoft Azure, iCloud, Yandex, DropBox, OneDrive (aka SkyDrive). Please note that Encrypt/Decrypt buttons are available through out entire application and designed to provide privacy to your files even on unsecured services/clouds.

So called Devices are any computer, mobile, device that runs any of Venux software AND using the same account credentials. Basically, logging into your account from home and work allows to exchange files securely, access your home/office computers as it is a local filesystem on both sides. There is no restriction of how many devices you wish to use as points to access your files.

Application Lock is a feature with which we tried to achieve Client/Server functionality in User Application. When you lock any of our applications, it goes to tray and can only be unlocked by the same credentials used to lock it. The lock feature allows you to have many points/storages/servers/desktops where you wish to keep your files.

2. Venux Connect is a universal Communication tool that is designed to make communication convenient. You can build contacts list with our PIN system. With these contacts, you can chat, voice/video call in completely anonymous and private way.Files and folders can be shared with contacts regardless of where they are stored.

UID (UniversalID) is our solution to privacy and user identity. UID is a virtual profile (well, actual file :)) that stores metadata of user activities such as login credentials to cloud services, history, crypto-meta-data to allow on the fly decryption, contacts, groups and other information. UID profiles are stored on any device you login into UID and they synchronize through AVPN.

The profile itself is encrypted and named according to your login credentials. When you register/login the/into profile, based on user's input, keys are generated (as well as your PIN) which defines profile location in the network and decryption keys for its content. What this means is that AVPN (which is our user base) holds all of profiles (we do not provide the cloud, it is all virtual) and ONLY proper credentials can get you the correct location of the file and keys to decrypt it. All files in the network are mostly look alike, hexed and one-way hashed user's credentials and PGP-ascii armored, this is the main way we provide privacy.

As for anonymity, it is covered by our AVPN. Basically, when you login into your profile, Venux software connects to other peers locating them using DHT (Distributed Hash Tables) thus forming a virtual network. Each peer can send and receive information from other peers as well as re-route information to other peers. Audio/video calls are implemented as SRTP (Secure Real Time Protocol) and can be routed through RTP tunnels of other peers. So, in many cases, messages/conversations/calls between 2+ users do not go directly therefore providing anonymity to all parties involved. In addition to manage "real-time" traffic, AVPN also manages synchronization of UID profiles, managing its copies and up-to-date availability from any location and device (Windows and Mac at the moment) in the world.

As a software provider (not to mention governments or hackers), we do not have access to users profiles, we do not have the keys, we don't know who our users are, what they do and where they are located.

And that's the idea.

A little more entertaining general concept visually

Please visit our website at

Thank you for your time, if you have any questions, you know what to do :)

P.S. please do not go harsh on bugs, they are mostly FMX related (such as focus, minimize, and generally edit boxes need some more love) and we are aware of most of them and working to resolve them. Also, Only Windows version is available at the moment, Mac version of both products is days away.

- Eugene Nosko
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