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Thread: Tabbing to a TDBEdit box removes the data in it

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Michael Hackney

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Registered: 9/4/14
Tabbing to a TDBEdit box removes the data in it
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  Posted: Apr 30, 2015 1:24 PM
In Delphi XE, I'm working in a table that is open, I place the table in Edit mode, and I'm actively working on a new record that I've just inserted into the table. When I press the tab key to leave one edit box and enter another box that is a TDBEdit box, which already has data in it, the data gets removed as I enter the box. So the data is not stored in the table yet, since I haven't issued a Post command. I know I could write an OnEnter procedure to check if the TDBEdit box first has data in it, but I thought that there must be a better way.

How do I eliminate the data from being removed when tabbing from box to box?
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