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Thread: Using DirectX in XE3 (and up)

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Jan Dijkstra

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Using DirectX in XE3 (and up)  
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  Posted: Sep 23, 2014 8:16 AM
I'm porting over my component library from CBuilder 5 to XE3, and right now I've converted my DirectX rendering component.

Under CBuilder 5 I was used to handle interfacing with direct X myself, by having the DirectX SDK installed and using the header files as provided by Microsoft. I even had to add in a tweak (using a #define) to make sure a sqrt routine that Microsoft has, but Cbuilder 5 did not, wouldn't cause a compile error.

I'm pleased to see that this is no longer needed in XE3, as it not only has the DirectX SDK headers, but they even compile without a single hitch.

However, while compiling works fine, linking does not. It can't find the DirectX entry points in any of the installed library files. I had to resort to manually adding the import libraries that I've created with IMPLIB for use in my CBuiilder 5 environment, that I pulled out of the system32 folder of my Windows XP installation.

My question is this: Why are the DirectX header files supplied with XE3, but the actual import libraries not? As it stands, XE 3 can't create a functioning application this way that makes use of DirectX, because the linker will fail.
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