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Thread: [XE6] -> VisualBind a Blob to TMemo??? String convert error

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Steve Jordi

Posts: 111
Registered: 4/19/98
[XE6] -> VisualBind a Blob to TMemo??? String convert error
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  Posted: Jul 17, 2014 11:18 PM
I need to display a long text stored in a Blob field (SQLite on my
iOS/Android project) into a TMemo.
Problem is that visually binding it complains about not being able to
cast or convert from Blob to String.

Any workaround for using Memos linked to Blobfields via the Visual
Binding tool?

This is not a VCL app so I don't have access to a TDBMemo on which I
could specify the source and field or assign it "AsString"...

Thanks for any clue
Steve JORDI - MSc in Geophysics/Volcanology
Geneva, Switzerland / Portland, OR, USA
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