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Thread: RangeCheck error in Android Delphi XE6 update 1

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William Brookfi...

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RangeCheck error in Android Delphi XE6 update 1  
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  Posted: Jul 17, 2014 10:19 AM
We are getting a RangeCheckError in the Unit System.Variants in function _VarToInteger(const V: TVarData): Integer;

The specific line is

varLongWord: Result := V.VLongWord;

The code that is calling this, is function TFDDAptTableAdapter.MatchRecordSet(const ATable: Variant; in Firdac.DApt.pas
The specific line is
oTab := TFDDatSTable(NativeUInt(ATable));

This function is called when a Local Dataset POST is executed.

This occurs only in Android not win32 or IOS

It does not always occur at the same point in program execution. Sometime on one table sometimes on another table. This error did occur in XE5 android, but not win32

I saw that QC report 121590 is closed for XE5 win32 as resolved for XE6. But since we did not have this error in WIN32 not sure it applies.

Does anyone have any idea what the issue may be and what we can do to resolve it?

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